Backyard Bounties 

Online Farmers’ Market

A perfect gathering place for people, small farm markets and homesteads to post what they have available to the public. May it be eggs, vegetables, meat, baking or other homemade things (as long as they are prepared in accordance with Ontario standards and bylaws). Now is the time that we have the opportunity to make changes and live better!

Featured Online Vendors

To view all of the vendors, please go to the top right hand corner and there you will find "Virtual Vendors". Click on that and there will be a drop down menu and you can select the area you would like to search. I will be continuously updating the lists.

Welcome to ​Backyard Bounties

An Online Farmers' Market

Welcome to Backyard Bounties, an online Farmers’ Market, where we will connect you with farms, homesteads and small producers so you will be able to access the freshest, highest quality products that are available.

Why Choose ​Us?

Coming from a food background, we know food ... and we know good food! We will take the time to bring these producers together in one place so you don’t have to spend all your time looking for them. 


Connect directly with the farms and small producers who will provide you with the freshest quality products available. 


Whether it be artisan or homemade, you can find the best products for even the most discerning of taste all in one place.


Where connections are made that provide consumers with wholesome, down to earth products. 


We encourage your feedback so that others will know about your experiences and we can continue to connect you to quality.