Backyard Bounties 



02 April 2020

Hello, and welcome! We are very happy that you found your way here. Our hopes for the site are this: We would like everyone come together and learn to love real food as much as we do! So many people these days don't know what real food tastes like, but once they do, we want them to fall in love with quality. Here we will connect customers with farmers, small artisan producers and homesteaders. Once we get going, we want to start using products from the various vendors and showcasing them and teach people new ways to enjoy them. So please stay tuned while we add more vendors, this is going to be fantastic!

Here We Go!

16 April, 2020

Well, soon it will be official! I have not announced my website yet, but it is live. I have been working tirelessly on it to make it the best experience for everyone. Stay tuned for more blogs and exciting features for the future. I am so excited to be able to bring everyone together and I sincerely hope it helps everyone! Let me know what you think. Check back often for updates.

First Day

17 April 2020

That was exciting! What a great turnout, that was amazing ... now we just have to keep it going. We can all do this, we all need this, it's time for a change!