Backyard Bounties 

Wellington County

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Stone mill locally grown organic grains including daily ground flour, various types of flour and various types of berries.

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Farm to fork pasture raised beef and pork. Heritage pork coming 2020.

Farm to fork experience dinners (under normal circumstances).

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Handcrafted small batch sheep gelato, milk and yogurt, pastured lamb and local wool fresh from the farm!

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Large variety of certified organic garlic and some pastured livestock.

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Pasture raised heritage pork, beef and chicken, home baking, spelt flour, all natural apple butter and unpasturized local honey.

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Garden center and nursery, market gardening, garden services and custom planters. Right now they have a selection of herbs, asparagus plants, strawberry plants,

rhubarb plants and a lot of fruit shrubs (raspberry, blueberry, haskap berry, goji berry, grape, kiwi vine, goose berry, elderberry, choke berry, currant) In  two weeks their salad bowls will be ready. In a few weeks more herbs and vegetable transplant and tomato plants.

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A family business offering local honey and honey products including soap, lip balm and body products. But they are also a native and Carolinian nursery offering trees, shrubs and wildflowers that are beneficial to all our pollinators and local wildlife.

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Quality gourmet sheep milk products including milk, yogurt and cheese.

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All natural grass fed bison raised in Elora, Ontario. Plains bison herd grazes on almost 20 acres of pasture. Handling is kept to a minimum to avoid unnecessary stresses.

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A family farm that offers high quality beef raised by regenerative farming techniques.

Farm fresh chicken and chicken perogies. Will re-open May 9th, 2020.

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Various honey varieties and bees wax products including candles, lip balms, creams and soaps. Nucleus hives and full hives. Swarm removals.

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Chicken Thika is a family-run farm that provides halal, organic, and local poultry products to communities in Ontario.

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Pastured Chickens, vegetables and potted plants.

Texas Longhorns.

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Wool and wool products including yarn, clothing and pillows.

Lamb meat, beeswax, balms and honey.

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Chicken, beef, pepperettes, honey, vegetables, eggs, vegetable boxes, meat boxes and baking.

Farm store.

Honey, beeswax, Nucs and Queens.

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They grow vegetables, some fruit and of course herbs on reclaimed land. They offer a weekly and bi-weekly Farm Share (ie. CSA, veggie box) during the summer.

VQA wines, handmade products from local vendors and gift baskets. Wine tasting TBA.

Local boxed meat. Beef, gluten free burgers, sausage, pepperettes, jerky, summer sausage, maple syrup.

Local delivery available.

Brewing premium white whiskey, vodka and white rye, with almost all crafting components found locally in the rich, surrounding farmlands.

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Gingerbread creations and seasonally available CSA harvest your own vegetables.

Small-batch honey producer.

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Home grown beef. Hamburgers, steaks, roasts, pepperettes and jerky.

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Organically grown produce, free range omega eggs, old fashioned cold process soap, raw unprocessed honey, natural beeswax food wraps, meat rabbits, natural soy candles, natural beeswax candles, beeswax lip balm, natural laundry soap, bath bombs.

Etsy shop.

"Know your food, know your farm"

A registered charity farm-based organization that provides hands-on, solution-based food and farming education to build and engage healthy local communities. Offering year-round harvest share, members have the opportunity to get to know their farmer.

Their goal is to produce honey that tastes just like it came out of the hive with all the wonderful flavours and nutrients intact.

Liquid honey, creamed honey, specialty honey, candles, beeswax, soap, lip balm, body bars, specialty teas, pure maple syrup, Nigella oil, eggs and beef.

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Small batch, craft brewed in the heart of Guelph Junction. Bottle shop, glassware and apparel.

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Baked good for many dietary needs including vegan, keto and gluten-free. Sourdough and leavened breads, bagels, cookies, cakes and more!

100% grass fed beef.

Direct message for details.

Fresh boxes of produce delivered right to your door!

Offering add-ons like fresh bread, eggs and flowers.

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Garden centre, seeds, soils, fertilizers, bedding plants, hanging baskets, fresh local fruit and Vegetables (in season), local organic beef, non GMO chicken, turkey and pork, local summer sausage, farm fresh eggs, local maple syrup, natural honey, farm fresh Guernsey milk and fresh baked goods.

Country store in Elora.

At golden beet farm they use only non gmo seed and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Their hope is to sell started plants in the spring and a wide variety of vegetables throughout the summer and fall for all your culinary needs.. Remember he who has planted will preserve

Year round microgreens and baby greens grown without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Freshly harvested assorted vegetable box and flower bouquets available May-November. Honey punch cards worth 5 kilos of honey. Gift cards.

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Canada's premier formulator and manufacturer of certified organic living foods. Certified organic kimchi, sauerkraut, beets, carrots, veggie pickle, salsa and mustard.

Hazelview Farm is a small family run farm. They pride themselves in providing excellent quality pork, beef and chicken to local families.

Delicious small-batch craft ciders, maple syrup, grass-fed beef, toques and mugs. On farm experiences (under normal circumstances).

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Fresh, local Ontario goat cheeses.

Forage fed beef, pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, fruits and vegetables, maple syrup, honey, baked goods and pet food.

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Ontario's #1 nut grower - artisan nut producer. Specialty flavoured and seasoned nuts.

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Providing pheasant, guidea fowl, chicken, rabbit, pork and omeag eggs from free run chickens.

Lau tea da Lentils- Ontario Grown Lentils

Ontario's ONLY lentil growers. Grown just outside of Elora, Ontario on their family farm. Green lentils available for sale.

Their offerings include lentils as well as all-natural whole lentil flour. Wholesale or pre-order only. Large Green Lentils available in 2 cup bags for retail sales up to 55lb bulk bags. Whole Lentil Flour available in 1lb bags for retail sales up to 44lb bulk bags.

Purebred and commercial Boer goats. Stay tuned for future updates regarding breeding stock and other goat products for sale in the future!

 Carrying a large and lush assortment of plants in their greenhouses. Depending on the season, you can find houseplants, flowering annuals, herbs, vegetable transplants, water plants and so much more. They also carry seeds, soil and all of your planting needs.

Now accepting orders through email.

Majestic Water Buffalo: Healthy, locally raised, natural meat source. Raised on 97 acres along side their Angus cattle.

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Mapleton's  Organic provides healthy, local and environmentally sustainable products produced in their on-farm dairy including ice cream, frozen yogurt and soft serve frozen yogurt. Their farm store also offers a selection of various meat products, an ice cream parlour and homemade lunch counter. Farm visits are encouraged (under normal circumstances) to engage with their many species of animals.

A family farm located in Wellington North specializing in pasture raised meats, eggs & maple syrup. They use sustainable farming practices and strive to use the whole animal.

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A quaint little country market bursting with a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in season, and year round home baking, meats, cheeses, maple syrup, groceries, crafts and gifts. See their line of hand-crafted outdoor Adirondack and Muskoka furniture.

Quality fresh from the farm. Beef, pork, lamb, poultry, bison, rabbit pepperettes, summer sausage, soup, entrees, cheese, milk, eggs, baked goods, produce, maple syrup, honey, sauces, preserves, coffee and tea.

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A local online market that offers delivery right to your door. Their focus is on a quality-driven food & product supply that makes shopping local as convenient as possible, by increasing the collaboration between small businesses and local farmers.

All organic milk, cream, butter, yogurt, smoothies, kefir, cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese and ice cream.

Find a store locator online.

They make a variety of sweet and savoury preserves, primarily for Farmers’ Markets that they attend (Elora, Erin and Rockwood). With all the uncertainty about the markets this spring, they are offering their preserves at the “farm gate” or can arrange a porch drop off. They would prefer e-transfer payment. They can send an email with a list of their product if your are interested.

Online ordering available.

Parker Family Farm is an organic farm utilizing horse drawn implement power. Using sustainable methods to reduce their carbon footprint. Offering CSA produce boxes and flower boquets. Seasonal.

A small farm in Wellington County raising pasture pork, chicken, turkey, and beef along with free range eggs and seasonal items. They are passionate about using sustainable and regenerative farming practices to provide local food for our community.

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Guelph made, local raw unpasturized honey and pure beeswax candles.

Naturally leavened sourdough breads using organically grown grain and baked the slow, old-fashioned way in a brick oven.

Alpaca farm providing yarn, laundry accessories, bedding, hides, clothing, miscellaneous and household items. They also provide frozen and shelf stable Alpaca meat.

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With their 1.5 acre organic garden, their small herd of pastured beef, rabbits and free range chickens, they hope to provide healthy, local and seasonal food to people who are passionate about good food. they also have an online seedling list and fragrant 2 year old cattle manure in bags.

Their farm store is open providing certified pastured chicken, angus beef, berkshire pork, grassfed lamb and raw honey. They also have CSA registration for certified organic produce.

Connecting YOU with the farm! River's Edge Goat Dairy offers a large assortment of cheeses, milk, yogurt, kefir, soap, lotion and moisturizer. They also have various meats including goat, lamb, pork and beef. If you are interested in learning about goats you can visit with them in the barn (under normal circumstances) or pick up the book "Raising and Keeping Dairy Goats: A Practical Guide" written by the owner, Katie Normet!

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Growing organic food ... 3 acres of rare, forgotten or French vegetables and melon.

A small, family owned business that produces a line of gourmet products including: savoury sauces, jams, dessert sauces, BBQ and salad dressings, and of course their signature product, Tangy Red Pepper Jelly. They partner with farmers in our community to source as much local product as possible.

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They believe the best approach to healthy eating is to consume sustainably raised, locally grown, minimally processed, organic foods. They offer beef, pork, poultry, dairy, frozen foods, hot foods and deli.

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Small batch brewing company in Guelph that focuses on fresh, interesting yet approachable beers. Offering beer, kombucha, gift cards, t-shirts and hats.

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Customizable vegetable shares. Subscribing for a Farm Share gets you access to the freshest local, certified organic produce.

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IMBOLC - Celebrate the seed! Enjoy locally grown heirloom seeds and plants grown naturally chemical free. Offering veggie seeds, flower and ornamental seeds, herb seeds and fresh cut local flowers.

Plant list online order by email.

Their syrup is harvested from some of the most fertile woodlots in Ontario resulting in their unique rich flavour. Certified organic by Ecocert Canada. Offering maple syrup, maple water, birch syrup, sausage and order only turkeys.

Farm store.

A full function local craft distillery with offerings of vodka, moonshine, gins and more while barreling their future whiskey. They also have t-shirts and sanitizer. Definitely a cool stop for all of the Whovians at heart! 

A 5th generation family-run farm. They pride themselves on their honest farm custom work and our delicious maple syrup.

A working farm that has been in the same family for five generations. Offering GMO free turkey, turkey sausage, organic maple syrup, firewood and straw bales.

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A strictly vegetable farm on less than 1 acre in Elora. They grow a wide variety of vegetables as well as some fruits, and they take a unique approach in growing methods, going above and beyond organic by implementing practices and principals from other methodologies such as veganic and permaculture - and always striving to do better. They do not use slaughterhouse products on the farm.

A second-generation family farm that raises fresh Ontario fish in natural spring water that flows from the rocks of the Niagara Escarpment. Their fish is sustainably raised and is certified through the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program, and is also recommended by Oceanwise. All fresh, frozen and smoked fish are hand-trimmed and deboned on-site.

Steckle's Produce & Flowers are motivated by a deep love for the land and a desire to share the goodness of homegrown with you and your family. A family run garden centre and farm market that offers jams and jellies, pickles and relishes, local honey, beeswax votive candles, pure maple syrup, free range chicken, corn fed Black Angus beef, all beef pepperettes, summer sausage, Fiege's gourmet dressings and in the fall, Indian corn and mini straw bales.

Market and bakery opening July 30th.

Harvest fun area opening weekends - Sept. 19 to Oct. 25 featuring various mazes, wagon rides, pedal carts, sand pit, puppet show, pumpkin chuckin' and Eats and Embers with fire pits and yummy snacks.

A 10 acre farm with a certified organic market garden and CSA, nut and tree fruit plantings, honeybees, heirloom chickens, Guinea Fowl and Kune Kune pigs. 2020 vegetable shares now available. Breeding and pet stock available.

The Thatcher Family invites you to visit the farm for the best in farm fresh meat products - beef, pork and lamb, regular and Halal. They also have poultry, deli and cured meats, eggs, cheeses, milk, honey, syrup, baked goods, grocery boxes, ready made meals and pantry items such as ketchup and dipping sauces, vinaigrettes, pickles and granola. Children's play park (under normal circumstances).

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They take pride in their specialty poultry breeds. Breeding stock is hand selected to improve stock and work towards breed perfection. They offer day old chicks, pullets, laying hens and breeding roos.

Thurston Honey Bee Co. prides itself in providing 100% Ontario honey and beeswax products with an emphasis on local production, sustainability, care and quality. They produce and sell raw unpasturized wildflower honey, honeycomb, honey and beeswax based balms and cosmetics and consultation services.

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Integrating pasture-raised livestock and sustainable forestry, Timberline Farm is a proud producer of grass-fed beef and maple syrup. They offer various cuts of Speckle Park beef, a breed similar to Black Angus. Waygu beef will be available in late summer or fall 2020.

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Top Market Meats offers a wide variety of rabbit cuts and products including whole rabbit, back cuts, saddle cuts, ground, stewing, sausage, pepperettes, summer sausage, whole smoked rabbit and pet food. Animals on the farm include rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and Tamworth pigs.

Trotter's Butcher Shop sources the finest quality local meats. They are one of only a few butcher shops in the area producing their own hand crafted salami and innovative dry cured products. With their nose-to-tail approach they can guide you to a product that best suits your needs.

 All of the Truly Baked granola products are vegetarian/vegan friendly, free of wheat, dairy, refined sugar and preservatives. They are roasted in small batches using only high quality natural ingredients and sweetened with local maple syrup, honey, dates and/or fresh fruits.

Truly Baked offers seven unique flavours to choose from including several grain free options (paleo/keto friendly).

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Tuckamore Bee Company is committed to producing quality bee stock and is a proud member of the ORHBS (Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection) Program. They supply Queens, Cells and Nucleus colonies, as well as honey products including liquid, raw and churned honey.

Price list online.

Uprooted Container Farm is a purpose-built, self-contained, indoor, hydroponic farming system capable of producing fresh, healthy plants year round.They grow leafy greens and herbs including leaf lettuce, mustard greens, kale and arugula and various types of microgreens.

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Wellington Brewery is Canada's oldest independently owned microbrewery. They craft their award-winning beers in small batches using the freshest all-natural ingredients. They offer various different types of beer, beer soap, poster artwork, tote bags, various glasses, mugs, tap handles, bottle openers and apparel.

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A third generation butcher shop that features an assortment of fresh Ontario tender beef, pork, chicken and turkey, baked goods, preserves, maple syrup, honey, assorted cheeses, deli meats, smoked meats, local preserves and seasonal produce.

There is also a petting zoo and playground (under normal circumstances).

Farm Market.

Providing an assortment of products from local vendors and a full display meat selection. They also provide meat packages with various cuts including beef, pork and chicken.

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Wind Grove Farm is dedicated to providing local Ontarians with non-genetically modified foods that are grown locally and don't use harmful pesticides.

Providing organic vegetable boxes from their 100 acre family farm without using any pesticides or herbicides. They have a small flock of chickens and a small herd of cattle. Their pastured eggs are for sale in their roadside egg hut and their whole pastured chickens will be available mid-June. Available for as long as quantities last so pre-order today!

Call or email.

Culinary creations made from scratch with a passion for local, sustainable and delicious! Freshly made breads, scones, muffins, pies, tarts, cupcakes, squares and other seasonal treats. Savoury items also available.

Order online coming soon.

At Woolcrest, they raise their pork, beef, lamb and poultry sustainably, feeding a forage based diet they grow on their own land.

Their main offerings are Seasonal Salad Blends, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and other organic vegetables. CSA members pick up a selection of in-season fresh organic vegetables every week for 22 weeks, from mid June until mid November.